All services are customizable based on individual needs and goals.

An area specific session, not available for a full body massage.  Great for your athletic teenager, headache management, or injury rehabilitation.

$50     per session

$225   5 series package (save $5 p/session)

$400 10 series package (save $10 p/session)

A full body treatment designed for rest and relaxation, sports massage and stretching, foot massage, and a full therapeutic experience.

$100.00    per session

$475   5 series package (save $5 p/session)

$900 10 series package (save $10 p/session)

The most popular length session which may include deep tissue and relaxation techniques, stretching, and trigger point therapy.

$150   per session

$725    5 series package (save $5 p/session)

$1400 10 series package (save $10 p/session)

Specific and thorough bodywork, injury rehabilitation, or all techniques mixed into one session.  Potty break may be required. Series not available for 2 hour sessions.

$200    per session

Focuses on the bones of the head and sacrum to release intracranial pressure.  Indicated for headaches, life overload, TMJD,  & chronic pain.

$100 per session

A proven technique for cellulite reduction and inch loss through a multiple session, protocol driven application providing measurable results.

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What my Clients are saying

 I've been looking for a deep tissue sports massage practitioner for some time and I have finally found one in Sierra.  She is attentive and open to feedback.  I have suffered a number of injuries over my many years of playing professional ball and Sierra addresses all of them along the way.  I always feel comfortable and taken care of in an unassuming, humble and professional way.  I wish I could take her on the road with me!

Evan Brock, NBA Atlanta Hawk